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About Danielle

About Danielle

Danielle Garcia is a gifted Licensed Psychic, Medium and Spiritual Counselor who has been working in the field of Metaphysics for over 25 years.  She uses her empathic skills as a channel and shamanic energy worker to reach through to areas few may access.

Danielle creates a warm, compassionate and safe environment for her clients to assist them along their spiritual paths.  Her intention is to give insight and messages of truth while respecting the healthy boundaries of each person she meets with.

Sessions include: Psychic Reading, Spiritual Counseling, Intuitive Guidance, Medium Communication, Reiki, Huna, Past Life Regression, Soul Retrieval, Dimensional Connection, Channeling, Card Reading, Working With Sensitive Children, Empath Empowerment, Deathing/Transition, and One on One Instruction in Psychic Development.

Danielle is a licensed Minister and Metaphysician.  She has studied with many powerful teachers including: Cheryl Johnson, Cht, John Livingston, M.A., Steve and Barbara Rother of Lightworker, Dr. Patrick Scott, PhD, LCSW, DCSW, FAPA, Doreen Virtue, Sonia Choquette, Alberto Villoldo, Denise Lynn, Sylvia Browne, and Adam, The Crystal Grid Maker.  Her education also includes certifications in massage and studies in Shamanics at Body, Mind College and The School of Healing Arts in San Diego, CA.   Danielle is a Reiki Master/Teacher, is versed in Native American Healing Techniques and is also an Overlight Facilitator in Spiritual Communication, Spiritual Psychology, Inverse Wave Therapy, and Medulla/Pineal Activation.  She also holds certifications as a Huna Level One Student and Crystal Therapist.

She is a skilled channel and has written the book, “Angel Blessings, A Collection of Channeled Messages from the Angelic Realm,” and also co-authored the book, “What You Need to Know to Live a Spiritual Life: An Anthology of Enlightenment.”

The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Danielle

When did you first know you had a gift?
I was three years old when I saw my first apparition.  There were three spirits standing at the end of my bed, speaking to one another.  When they realized I was awake and that I could hear them, they began speaking to me.

How do you get your information?  Do you read minds?
In a nutshell, I raise my vibration to connect with Angels, guides, light beings and loved ones.  They do their best to lower their vibration so that we can meet in the middle.  It’s kind of like a dance.  These energies communicate to me information that I then share with my clients.
No, I don’t read minds.  I have three kids and a husband and it would sure come in handy at home, but that’s not a skill set I’ve ever been interested in.

Are you religious? 
I have studied many different faiths and consider myself more spiritual than religious.  I do not identify with one certain label of religion, but instead celebrate the teachings of several.  I identify strongly with the Native American teachings of my ancestors.

What’s it like to see dead people?  Do you see them all the time?
Seeing dead people is something that just comes pretty natural to me.  Sometimes I see them just like I see the living and other times they show themselves as an energetic form – colors and vibrations.  I do see them all the time which can be very interesting.  They show up in the most unexpected places.

What do you like most about what you do?
I absolutely LOVE helping people.  Teaching others to open up to their intuition really makes me the happiest.  There is nothing like the rush of seeing a student accomplish something they thought was not possible.

I have worked with, learned from, been mentored and coached by Danielle Garcia for the better part of a decade. I count her among the few “real deals” in the realm of intuitive abilities. Her humility about her skills can be a bit disarming at first, and when you realize the level of depth she has, it makes one develop a healthy curiosity about what’s possible. She is kind, patient, funny, sarcastic and occasionally very direct in her readings. She is an excellent teacher, trainer, coach and mentor. I look forward to watching what Danielle has in store for us next!

Dr. Patrick Scott

PhD, LCSW, DCSW, FAPA , Integrated Life Systems

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