Welcome to the Intuitive Angels Learning Center

danielle photo shoot 1010 165One of the things I love most about what I do is TEACHING and EMPOWERING others to embrace their intuitive abilities.  My goal with creating this Learning Center is to share resources and offer online classes that can benefit my students and clients.  I am blessed and honored to provide this for each of you.  

Angel Blessings,

Danielle Garcia PURPLE

Announcing Our NEW Intuitive Angels Webinars


Very excited to offer Online Classes, Channelings and Events RIGHT HERE – through our Learning Center.  We will do this through accessible Webinars that you can tune into live or at your leisure.  


Check out our Intuitive Tips

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Connect With Arch Angel Raphael Meditation

by Danielle Garcia

Accepting Your Greatness - Channeled Message

by Danielle Garcia (Conscious Trance Channel)


An Excerpt of my book, “Angel Blessings, Channeled Messages From the Angelic Realm.” angel-blessings-2

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The White Light Exercise

My most powerful tool in my toolbox.  I recommend this to every client, student, sensitive and empath I meet.  In this exercise, you will learn to call in and connect to your higher self, anchor that light within your power center, release lower vibrations you’ve pulled in from other places, and create your own personal shield of energy.