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Mentoring Program for Psychic/Spiritual Development


Mentoring Program

Are you ready to take your vibe to the next level? Have you been stumbling along your Spiritual Path but find you’re lacking focus?  Would you like to use your inherent intuitive abilities to help you in your personal and professional life?

Allow me to guide and teach you ways to create the life you want by tapping into Spirit.  Here’s how my program works: After you fill out the questionnaire,  we connect and determine if we are a good fit to work together. We establish your goals and what you wish to achieve through the program.  I offer you an extensive pool of knowledge to choose where you wish to concentrate your studies including:

  • Psychic Development
  • Mediumship Development
  • Reiki
  • Shamanic Studies
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Multi-Dimension Travel
  • Identifying your “Spirit Team” and Working with Them
  • Angelic Connection
  • Advanced Clearing Techniques aka Ghost Busting
  • Medical Intuitive Training
  • Past Life Regression
  • Dimensional Connection
  • Manifesting
  • Empath Empowerment
  • Card Readings
  • Deathing/Transition Work

I create a customized learning structure for you based on your requests and my evaluation. This may include not only instruction but also healing methods for you personally regarding blocks or issues that come up during our mentoring sessions.

You commit to four mentoring sessions – one hour each. We will meet in person or by phone every two weeks.  After each session, you will be assigned homework.  This homework will consist of deep level work to further you in your goals in the form of exercises, meditations and practices.  I will be following up and holding you accountable for completion.

In addition to our one-hour sessions, there will be a weekly check-in by text and email (phone if need be) to monitor your progress. I am here to support you every step of the way.

Each mentoring student is also given a 20% discount on all services, workshops and events I offer for the term of their mentorship (roughly a two-month time span)

Cost of this eight-week program is $999. You may pay this off at one time, or divide into three payments of $333.  First payment is due before our first mentoring session and you will receive a payment schedule.

I am looking for students who are ready to dive deep and take their psychic abilities and spiritual awareness to the next level.  I will push you past your comfort zone, but I will do it in a way that is entirely respectful of your boundaries.  I will be completely forthright and honest with you and will not sugar coat anything.  I want you to succeed and I will structure your learning so you can make the most of our time together.

I am here to support you and help you realize how incredibly powerful you truly are!  One of my greatest gifts is helping others turn their “light” on.

This program is NOT for someone who is just browsing through the field of spirituality and who is NOT ready to commit to themselves and their ascension.

The program IS for those of every level of knowledge.  I am great at tuning in to what works best for everyone.


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