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Silhouette of a man playing taps on his bugle at a veterans funeral at Medical Lake Veterans Memorial in Washington.

A Soldier’s Passing


I have days where I sit in my office and question why I ever got into this line of work.   Just like anyone else, some days are better than others.

And then there are days like yesterday where I am granted the most beautiful gift of witnessing another soul and playing the role of “go-between” for loved ones on the other side.

A very dear woman came to me for a session as her brother had passed just two days prior.  I am familiar with this woman (who I will call JANE to protect her identity) who I’ve had previous sessions with, as well as her brother (I will change his name to FRANK).  Jane had consulted with me a few months back about Frank who has serious health issues along with PTSD that started during his service in Vietnam.  When I had tapped into Frank’s energy at that time, it was depleted and being drained by several entities he’d picked up during his life, some dating as far back as his military service.

Frank was a sensitive, though he never admitted to it.  And I can only imagine what life must have been like to be on the front lines of the Vietnam War and being ordered to do things you never wanted to do, let alone what it would be like for someone who felt energy and emotion so deeply.  The nightmares and fear of eternal retribution for Frank drew him to numb out and turn the noise down which resulted in alcoholism.

Thinking logically, which by the way NEVER works with Spirit, I thought that Frank would need some coaxing to cross over.  I fully expected him to be earthbound as there was a high level of fear of damnation and hell he had surrounding death.  He believed that due to the acts he was forced to commit during the war that God would not welcome him on the other side.  Frank believed that he was a bad person and not worthy of God’s love.

Imagine my surprise, shock and wonderment as once our session started, I could feel Frank on the other side.  Not only could I feel him, but he was ready to jump on in and communicate with his sister.  This is NOT your typical soul!  Usually there is a time of energetic acclimation on the other side, and for being there just two days’ time; I was shocked that we could connect so well and so strongly.

He answered his sister’s questions and then led us to the moments of his passing.  He explained the tunnel of light and those who showed up in Spirit to escort him over.  There at the end of the tunnel stood Jesus, waiting for Frank with open arms.  He placed his arms around him and called him, “Brother,” and began to pull the lower energies from his heart.  It looked like a vacuum of energy being released as the light around Frank grew brighter and brighter.

Upon this healing release, Jesus led him to a line of other souls waiting for him.  Frank was uncomfortable to face them but one by one they each reached for his hands or willingly gave him an embrace as they communicated the message, “I forgive you,” over and over and over again.  It was an energetic exchange of love and forgiveness with each soul.  Frank had taken each of their lives in the war.  It was difficult for him to receive such energy, but with Jesus standing behind him, Frank allowed himself to accept their offering.

Another line of people followed.  This time they were soldiers and friends who had passed during the war.  He greeted each one with hugs and excitement.  The last man standing in this line was a dear friend that Frank felt responsible for his death.  He blamed himself for decades for this man’s passing.  As the friend came up to Frank, he looked him straight in the eye and said the words, “It wasn’t your fault,” over and over and over again.

Such weight was lifted from Frank’s heart and soul during this process.

I’ve been privy to many crossings, and this one was one that truly drew me to tears.  One never knows what the higher perspective REALLY is.  We can take the fall, the blame, and internalize feelings of hate and unworthiness.  But no matter how WE feel about OURSELVES, there is always someone else that sees the light within us and loves us anyway.

There is forgiveness for those who are open to receiving it.  I truly feel the hardest person to forgive is ourselves.  I am blessed and honored to have witnessed such a miracle through Frank’s eyes and through his beautiful heart.  I am changed forever by this incredible soul.


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