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I give messages from the deceased to their family and friends every week.  Being a medium is one of my greatest joys of the work that I do as I know most of the time the connection I can confirm for others brings them peace.  Through over two decades of doing this work, I’ve seen, heard and felt a lot of wonderful, loving Souls and assisted in the grief process for many clients.  

Today I was given the honor of yet another such connection that I feel guided to share.  

When a loved one passes, we all have questions.  Were they in pain when they passed? Are they okay?  Did they cross over?  Can they forgive me for not being there?  Do they have a heavy heart?  Did they know what I was saying when they were unconscious?  Can they see what we’ve done to honor them?  All these are pretty standard things we ask, and understandably so.  We wonder if our loved one had regrets and if they understood the impact they made on the lives and hearts of others, be that positive or negative.  

In a client session this morning, I was asked to re-connect with a soul I’ve had the honor of “meeting” before who happens to be the deceased brother of my client. I know, it’s probably not politically correct to have favorite Spirits to communicate with, but this soul is really special.  He has such a pure light, amazing sense of humor and warmth that blends to this unique, intriguing, beautiful energy.  I know in his life he encountered trauma and tragedy that most souls don’t endure in lifetimes full of experience and yet he still managed to carry forward with a wounded, yet beautiful, heart and compassion.  

My client spoke of a party she and other family members were planning that would honor him.  There was a special event space, music, food, invitations and people that would make the day an endearing tribute.  My client had questions about when TAPS should be played and her brother quickly responded with his wishes.  She also asked for a message for a family member and he was forthcoming in delivering this to her.  Then the client asked if he had a message to be read at his celebration.  

My logical mind went – Holy crap!  That’s a pretty big thing to deliver on.

The brother, very patiently, replied, “C’Mon.  It’s a piece of cake.  I’ll walk you through it.”  

Suddenly my pen started flying across the pages of my notebook as I used automatic writing to channel his thoughts.  Here is his message:

“I am blessed with friends and family who loved me when I was unlovable,

Who laughed with me when I was crying inside,

Who reached out when I was unreachable,

And who cared when I couldn’t care about myself.

Know that now I see and feel all of this and I am filled with love and gratitude for each of you.

I now have the freedom of seeing truth and no longer push away love that was given so honestly and freely to me.

Through your love and constant strength you have healed me.  For this I will always be thankful.”

His words touched me deeply and I was in tears delivering them to his sister.  After the session was complete, I wondered what it would be like if we all could have these realizations while in the physical.  What if we could have the gratitude and understandings that can usually only be seen and felt through a higher perspective?  Wouldn’t life make more sense?  Wouldn’t it be easier?

Don’t wait till you’re on the other side to accept love into your heart – and this goes for all levels of it.  Self-love is so important.  If we cannot truly love ourselves, it makes it most difficult to accept and receive the love others give to us.  

I am blessed and honored to take this soul’s heart-felt words as an important lesson.  I hope by sharing them you will too.



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