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A few days ago, I received a text regarding a man who had passed in the early hours of the morning.  The family wanted to make sure that he’d crossed over and was in a good place spiritually.

This man had been in the hospital for some time with severe health issues and his body was declining at a rapid rate.  I’d been aware of this situation and the family was prepared for his passing, as much as any of us can prepare to lose a loved one.

As I tapped into his energy that morning, I felt incredible shock and confusion coming from him.  This definitely did not feel like a soul on the other side.  I could see and sense the hospital surroundings and he presented very much like a person in shock would act after an accident.  He wasn’t really aware of what was going on, why he was there, where everyone else was.  He was in a frantic state of existence.

Many family members from the other side were trying to plead with him, to calm him down and to coax him over to join them at Home, but they were having no luck.

There were many physical issues he wanted to make sure he NEVER experienced again, and he was having no part of going back to a place where he felt he might forget about this.  I connected with his heart and felt the anxiety, concern, and worry.  I began to clear the prior imprints of energy connected to illness and dis-ease to lighten his load and help him see through a higher perspective.  Once the clearing was complete, his energy changed.  It was as if a weight was lifted from his shoulders.

I always call in “back-up” in situations like this, and I am happy to say that members of my back-up team have wings.  They include Arch-Angel Raphael and Arch-Angel Jophiel.  Both Angels stood beside this man and offered their energy as we tag-teamed the clearing and healing.  Once his energy shifted, a beautiful tunnel of light came down through the Heavens (thank you, Arch-Angel Gabriel).  Raphael held one hand, while Jophiel grabbed the other, and together they flew this amazing soul up and into the tunnel of light.

It was such a beautiful experience to witness!  I’ve never seen such a crossing over before.  I was full of tears of joy and so much gratitude for being a very small part of it.

Many times, we can become lost.  It’s not because we’re bad, undeserving, or because we have some karmic payback due.  This amazing man was just in sensory shock from pain he’d experienced in his physical body and he happened to be at a part of the hospital with some funky, low vibe energy.  This caused him to remain earthbound for a short time.

Remember, help is always around us.  We have more love and support than we really can fathom.  This incredible soul had people on both sides of the veil waiting to bring him comfort and wanting to ensure his safety and good being.

I think if we could truly open up to that concept of the love that is all around us we would never feel lost.  We would be “found” in the midst of the light and love that exists for all of us.



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