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After a hectic morning of dealing with confrontations, stress, and meetings, I took an hour of my day to visit a local park to blow off some steam and reconnect with nature.  I always find this so healing and such a great relief and recharge for my soul.

While walking the trails, I noticed six hawks flying high above the horse trails.  This was something I’d never witnessed here in all the years I’ve been coming to this park, and I was captivated by the flying patterns of these majestic animals.  I continued to watch them for some time until they were shielded from my view by a grove of pine trees I walked under.  Three minutes later, they were gone.

Hawks carry great medicine in Native American Shamanism.  They are known to hunt in groups and carry distinct symbolism that the Universe is sending a message.  It is important to focus, to see things from the higher perspective, to look beyond what’s right in front of you, and to notice the people you surround yourself with.

I pondered this the rest of my walk through the trails, never again noticing the hawks.

On my drive home, I took a different route as I wanted to stop and grab a juice.  I was amazed by the beautiful cloud formation that looked like Angel wings hanging in the sky.  Driving down the street, I heard, “Change lanes.  You’re going to turn right.”  I changed lanes and saw the cemetery.  “Someone needs your help,” I heard.  And for the next few minutes I argued with my guide.  I got a case of the yeah buts:

Yeah, but I have so much I need to get done today.

Yeah, but I didn’t get this project finished.

Yeah, but I really don’t have time for this.

I took the turn into the cemetery with a big sigh and resolved that if I’m going to do this, I will do it with all my heart and without reservation.  Time doesn’t really exist anyway, right?  So, no matter what, everything will get done in divine time.

I asked the Angels to show me where I needed to go and they became my heavenly GPS – turn left, go around this circle, park here.

I got out of the car and as I walked along the tombstones, I could hear a woman shrieking and crying.  Her wailing became louder and louder, so much so that I had to pull back my awareness of her.  She was dressed in a black dress, had pearls around her neck, shoulder length brown hair and she was in complete misery.  I found her leaning over the statue of an Angel sobbing frantically.

Sometimes when a soul becomes earthbound, they are in shock and don’t have the awareness of the light from home.  Many don’t understand the concept of their physical death and all they witness is the grief and loss of their loved ones.

I sensed this woman’s name was Mary and I began to speak with her, explaining that I could help her find peace and that the other side would offer her healing and connection with family and friends.  Arch Angel Gabriel opened the tunnel of light and I could see the woman’s parents and brother waiting for her.  They began to urge her to come with them.

I began to do some energy work to release and lighten the heaviness Mary was carrying and as she felt it she became scared and literally ran away from me.  I found her sitting under a tree, rocking back and forth, the tears coming on even harder now.

“You don’t get it.  They are sad and miserable because of me.  He doesn’t know what to do without me.  If I leave and go where you want me to, who is going to keep an eye on them?  Who is going to help them through this?” Mary said.

I explained that leaving this space and going home would afford her the luxury and ability to look over her entire family and connect with them on a different level.  She could become a guardian for them if she wished and help them through the process on the other side.

It took a few minutes for her to grasp this concept, but she agreed to take the journey home.  The tunnel opened, and it was as if a beautiful, golden walkway of light appeared in front of her.  My entire body began to vibrate feeling this energy.

And then the strangest thing happened!  One by one about ten ducks came up out of the pond, filed in a single line and followed her walk down this path of light.  They all stopped once she was received on the other side and returned to the pond.

I’ve assisted in many crossings, but this I’ve never witnessed.  Honestly, it was if I was in the middle of some Disney Princess Fairytale.

I stopped for a moment to snap a picture of the fountain in the pond, and began to walk back to the car, a different way this time.  I noticed a man, sitting under the trees, in the shade in front of a headstone.  I looked a little closer and the name read, “Mary.”

My heart skipped a few beats as I sent this man divine love from my heart to ease his grief.  I am grateful I paid attention to the signs around me this morning.  Spirit speaks if we take the time to listen, and sometime even when we don’t want to.  It’s important to keep the communication lines open, because you never know what gifts are waiting for you.

Step into the loving energy that exists all around us.  Remove yourself from the supposed chaos and ask to receive Spirit’s signs.  They may appear as hawks, clouds or even ducks, which by the way represent happy marriage.  When you are open to receiving messages, the Universe will respond in like kind.


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